Top 4 Upvc door problems

Upvc doors have been around few years and are still highly popular today – they offer a greater level of security, protection from the elements and noise reduction that is when they are working as they should.

General wear and tear from usage is always going to effect how the Upvc door works and can lead to water ingress, drafts and in the worst cases the ability to be opened.

Over the years we have seen and fixed all types of issues with Upvc doors but is shocking just how common some problems are so we have decided to list the most common Upvc door problems and issues.

1. Miss alignment

By far the most common job we get called out to and they biggest cause of a failed multipoint. Miss alignment is caused when the Upvc door drops.

Even a small drop of a few millimetres can result in extra pressure being forced in the Upvc gearbox. The first sign of a miss alignment you notice is it requires more effort to lift the handle to lock the door.

If left miss aligned the extra effort will gradually become more effort and damage to the handles and gearbox will occur.

Mis aligned Upvc door

2. Failed multipoint

Through years of usage or miss alignment the gearbox that operated the multipoint mechanism will fail and you will be left with a Upvc door that your unable to open or close (very rare).

The multipoint gear box contains many small parts that operate the latch, bolt, hooks and rollers when one part breaks the whole gearbox will stop working.
In some cases the broken part can be replaced but in most instances it’s better to replace the complete gearbox – some manufacturers produce multipoint locking systems where the gearbox cannot be replaced or the locking system is old and obsolete and the full new multipoint locking system will need to be replaced

3. Faulty cylinder

Faults with a cylinder can range from jammed pins to broken springs or even the whole core falling out but what they all have in common is your not going to be able to lock or unlock the Upvc door. Luckily Upvc door cylinders have been designed so they can be quickly and simpler removed and replaced (that is if you can get the door open) but always remember Upvc are not all the same and require the correct size of cylinder for that door – to small or to large and you will be at risk of issues locking and unlocking or a security risk.

4. Miss aligned cam on cylinder

You will know when you have a miss aligned cam in your Upvc door because you will either not be able to remove the key after you have unlocked the door – this is most commonly caused when keys have been left in the cylinder when locked and someone has tried to unlock from outside – if the keys inside are at the perfect 12-6 o’clock position they will push out and no damage is done to the cylinder but if the are just slightly off the 12-6 o’clock position when you try to use the key instead of bumping the inside keys out you can force the key to turn which will get the door unlocked but this leaves the cam out of position and this mis alignment will cause misalignment.

Mis aligned cam

If you are unlucky to have one or more of these faults and are based in Nottingham or surrounding areas don’t panic we are on hand to help. All our locksmiths are fully trained and carry all the required parts to fix your issue in one fast visit. All parts supplied and fitted come with a full parts and labour warranty.

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