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Nottingham locksmiths Student Discounts

33% Student Discounts On Locksmith Services

LS Locksmiths offer a locksmith service tailored specifically to students, if you are either starting out at College or are at one of Nottingham's great Universities. We offer substantial discounts for our services if you are a student. Our student discount is up to a whopping 33% lower what we would normally charge customers.

Yep you read that correct if your locked out, locked in or have lost/stolen keys we can help gain entry and for a massive 33% cheaper! We are based locally so if your housed in the student areas of Nottingham we are normally able to arrive in just 15/20mins. All you need to do to claim this offer is to give us a call on 0115 8320195 and quote "up to 33% Student offer" and have your NUS or student card present when the locksmith arrives.

Why can we offer so a big discount for students? the majority of call outs from students is accidental lock outs of rooms in shared properties and to be honest the locks really are not that great in terms of putting up a fight against skilled locksmiths like ourselves so we normally gain entry in a very short time compared to more secure locks found on exterior doors. We also know that you will be have access to a spare key either inside the property or from the letting agent or landlord in the near future so no need to waste time changing locks.

Security First

Student houses are not the safest or most secure places at the best of times, but steps can be taken to ensure you and your belongings as secure as possible away from home.

Houses and lodgings that are regularly lived in by students have a much higher rate of burglary, this is due to the fact most thieves know there are going to be of lots people with expensive laptops, phones and similar devices laying around and as students are often lax about security they see halls and residences as easy pickings.

Students are amongst the most at risk of any age of the UK population.

If you are a student in Nottingham there are steps you can take to ensure you are at less of a risk, LS Locksmiths recommends:

  • Always check the locks on your accommodation before moving in. If you are unsure have the locks changed.
  • If the lock appears faulty always tell a agent or the owner of the property and have them fix it at the very earliest opportunity.
  • Always lock your room door and shut or lock windows, always keep fire doors shut and keep your valuables out of sight whilst you are out.
  • Always keep your phone with you at all times. Don't leave it where it can be stolen.
  • Before you go away to College or Unit, security mark your valuables.
  • Ask your parents or check your own insurance if you have it to see if it covers you whilst on campus or in student accommodation.
  • Don't leave spare keys laying around.
  • Always keep your bedroom door locked.
  • Don't give away information to would be thieves on Social Media, we know its hard but sometimes its best to not advertise it all over Facebook.
  • Always keep in touch with your parents and let them know you are safe - just a simple text daily.
  • Don't get so drunk that you cant remember where you left your valuables or keys.
  • If you lose bank cards - get them canceled straight away, Contactless cards can and will be used by thieves very quickly!
  • If you are in any doubt about your personal security or safety, inform staff or call the police.

If you are getting no joy from agents or landlords and are concerned about the security of your room or residence you can either call LS Locksmiths direct to check it over or get your parents to call LS Locksmiths.

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