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LS Locksmith Nottingham have been assisting the good people of Nottingham get out of many tricky situations involving locks and keys for many years. We have gained lots of knowledge and skills over numerous years working with a variety of domestic and commercial customers, you can be assured that whatever your situation may be, our locksmiths have the skills to deal with it.

LS Locksmith services include

Lock outs - We can gain entry using a wide range of tools and skills that cause no damage to the lock it’s door or it’s frame - this is known as non destructive lock entry and we are masters at it. This skill has took years to master so don’t be surprised when our Locksmiths open the lock quickly and what seems like effortlessly.

Lost keys and replacements - Losing keys can result in a serous security breach, if keys are lost or stolen do not hesitate and call us straight away we can replace all types of locks in just one visit - if you have list keys and need to gain entry our 24 hour emergency locksmith nottingham service is here to help

Repairing broken and damaged locks - Over time locks can develop faults or even completely fail, we will be able to fix the broken or faulty the locks, locking mechanisms and parts or replace with quality branded warranty covers replacements.

Complete fitting/installing of new locks - We can fit additional locks to internal and external doors, we can fit Digi locks and Smart locks so you can gain access with out keys. No matter what your requirements we will be able to fit the correct lock or locks for your needs and requirements.

Upvc and composite lock repairs and replacements - These are hugely popular types of doors in Nottingham they offer great security while keeping the elements and noise out, they have a locking system that uses multiple points to secure the door this is referred to as a multipoint locking system. Without maternance over time they can developers faults or fail completely leaving the owner with a door that’s either unable to lock or unlock. Due to the fact they are very secure if the lock fails in the closed position which is nearly always then you will require a locksmith to open the door, once open a locksmith like ourself will be able to repair or replace the faulty parts and have a fully working door once again

Bench locksmith services - As fully trained and qualified locksmith we can build locking systems that fit your needs, like master suite where each lock has its own set of keys but a master key can open all locks - ideal for landlords of HMO’s or keyed alike where one can can open all locks.

What ever your needs our locksmith Nottingham service is here to assist, call us on 0115 8320195 for FREE advice or quotes our locksmith team are on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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