Broken Key Removal Nottingham

Key snapped in a lock - no damage removal

Broken key removal Nottingham

If you’ve arrived at this page it’s more then likely that you have a issue with a broken key so before we go into detail - if you require a locksmith to remove a broken key then call our Locksmith Nottingham team on 0115 8320195

Broken keys are a very common problem they can be caused by low quality keys, accidental damage, awkward positioning of locks or faulty locks. In most cases of a broken key the lock will not be able to be used so it could leave you locked out or unable to secure the door. To be able to provide the correct fix for the type of lock that the broken is for we will need to know what key has broken.

The most common locks found on the doors of homes and businesses in the uk are,

Tubular lock keys
This type of key is used on Upvc doors, composite doors, metal and timber doors this type of key is the most popular and widespread key in use so it’s also the most common type to break simply because of its popularity - the key works by having set cuts in the keys length that lift pins inside the cylinder to the correct level called the sheer line allowing the key to turn and unlock the door, when the key breaks in the cylinder the broken piece will be trapped in the cylinder there are a few tricks posted on internet video sites where you can use a melted glue stick or candle but they are very hit and miss and to add any other foreign object into the key way could result in the lock having to be replaced so it’s always advised you contact a locksmith like ourselves who will have the correct tools that can slide into the key way and hook onto the key so it can be pulled out and as long as you have a spare the lock you will not require a lock change.

Mortice lock keys
This type of locks are mostly found on timber doors and are the keys that operate mortice sash or deadlocks the most common break on this type of key is on the flag end (the part that goes into the keyhole) the cuts on the flag end are in steps (a little like a castle turret up down up down at different heights) if a very high cut is next to a very low cut the exported part can be bent or broken accidentally and will no longer lift the lever inside the lock and will not open or lock now, luckily if this type of break has happened a locksmith will be able to read the key and create a new one (not a key cutter they can only duplicate the a key and you will end up with a new key that also has the same fault and will not work). If the key has broken at the stem (long part) leaving the flag inside then a locksmith will be required to remove the damaged parts and replace the lock.

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