Police advise vigilance after a spate of burglaries in Bullwell

Police are investigating a number of burglaries that have taken place in Bulwell in the space of a couple of days.

Officers from the Bulwell Forest area are asking residents to be vigilant following the break-ins.

The first burglary was in Bannerman Road on May 19th and saw a car, house keys and work bag containing a laptop computer, mobile, Sat Nav and a sports bag stolen.

Police say entry was gained to the house through an open ground floor window.

Officers are also investigating recent break-ins at a house in Henrietta Street on the same night and at a property in Warrington Road at 3.30am on the 21st on the month in which nothing was taken.

Anyone with information can call Nottinghamshire Police on 101.



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Locksmith Nottingham

When asked what a locksmith is most peoples view will be of the very small shops where you can go and get keys cut, new soles on your shoes and maybe even a hole or two added to a belt… 

These are not the type of locksmiths you call in a emergency, they are not like LS Locksmith Nottingham.

LS Locksmiths are Professional Master Locksmiths – we only provide locksmith services like lock opening and repairs, lock installations, security upgrades and installations. All of our Nottingham locksmiths are mobile and carry a huge range of stock and parts in our vehicles and can attend emergencys in under 30mins across the city of Nottingham 24/7.

All the LS Locksmith Nottingham team have been assessed and have achieved certification so you know your in safe hands with a team that delivers the highest standard of work.

So if it’s a new spare key or a engraved dog tag your after think “little shop locksmith” 

If it’s professional high quality reliable locksmiths then your first call should be to LS Locksmith Nottingham.

Locksmith Nottingham - LS Locksmiths

Give us a call today on 0115 8320195 for a free no obligation quote from reliable and affordable locksmiths.

Nottingham Locksmith - LS Locksmiths



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locked out? what not to do

I saw this article in a daily newspaper and just had to share.

Locked out? What not to do

Don’t make headlines… If your locked out just give us a call I can guarantee it will be a lot less embarrassing. 


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Burglary on the rise in Nottinghamshire

Burglaries in Nottinghamshire are on the rise, despite falling crime figures in England and Wales.

Official numbers from the Office for National Statistics reported 4,520 domestic burglaries across county in 2013 – up 12% in just one year.

This was much higher than any other county in the East Midlands and almost as as many as Derbyshire and Lincolnshire’s incidents combined.

The stats also go against the positive trend across England and Wales, which has seen domestic burglary cases fall steadily year on year since 2001.

Crime Prevention Minister Norman Baker said: “Today’s statistics are more good news and the evidence is clear: police reform is working and crime is falling.

“We can have confidence that England and Wales are safer than they have been for decades. “

But in Nottinghamshire, burglary stood beside robbery, shoplifting, sexual offences and incidents of violence with injury, all seeing increases.

Assistant chief constable, Steve Jupp, said: “Burglary is a devastating and intrusive crime and it is a priority for Nottinghamshire Police.

“In recent years we have made great strides in tackling burglary, dramatically reducing figures through research into crime trends, targeted, intelligence-led operations, both uniformed and covert, as well as robust offender management.

“But coming from such a positive place inevitably means we have to work harder and smarter to maintain it.”

He admitted the force saw the rise in burglary last year, but said they took action to combat it through a new model of operations with dedicated teams from both the city and county working together to scrutinise trends.

Olwen Edwards, divisional manager for Nottinghamshire at Victim Support, said: “We speaks to tens of thousands of burglary victims every year and we know that burglars don’t just rob people of things with financial or sentimental value – they also leave behind emotional and psychological scars on their victims.

“We’re reminding local people to be vigilant and take sensible precautions. We’re also calling for sentencing to more accurately reflect the psychological harm burglary has on those victims, in particular children.”

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Lock Snapping – BBC Watchdog

Lock snapping is a destructive method of entry that burglars are using to gain access to homes fitted with Upvc doors, the method is prevalent in the North of England and is spreading involves breaking/snapping the euro lock fitted in your Upvc door and removing to expose the internal locking mechanism and manipulating it to throw the bolt and be able to open the door. This technique is increadabley fast and causes little or no noise.

Anti snap locks are available and can be quickly fitted to ALL Upvc doors and will protect against a lock snapping attack additionally you can add more secure Upvc door handles that will also assist in the stopping of a lock snapping attack.

Call our locksmith Nottingham office on 0115 8320195 and ask for a no obligation quote.

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Protect your valuables with a marking system

Marking your property makes it less attractive to thieves. Traceable property may be more difficult for an offender to sell on, particularly items that have been visibly marked. Marking your property also increases the chances of you being reunited if it is stolen and later recovered.

Follow the advice in this section to help keep your valuables secure.

Remember to take photographs of your valuables

Photographs of your valuables can increase chances of the property being returned to you if it is stolen and recovered, also can be helpful if a insurance claim is needed.

Try to take photographs of:
– Any distinguishing marks and hallmarks.

– Size and dimensions.

– The front and back of object.

– Make, model, and serial numbe – if available.

Note down where you marked the item, how it was marked, and with what.
Also write descriptions of your valuables. example: the type of object, what is made of, measurements of it and any markings the it has.
Marking your valuables

The two most widely used types of property marking are visible and invisible.


This type of property marking can be seen by thieves and can therefore help deter. Popular visible options are Selectamark and Cremark.


This type of property marking cannot be seen by thieves, so it is best to display stickers and signage in windows and doors that property marking is in use. There are numerouse invisible options on the market such as SelectaDNA, Smartwater or Ultraviolet (UV) pens.

uv pen

UV Pen


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Not Sure Don’t Open The Door

Not Sure? Don't Open The Door

A scam where the caller claims they are a police officer dealing with a prisoner in custody that has targeted residents in Nottingham and Notts.

Victims receive a phone call from a man who claims to be a police officer who is investigating a bank fraud, and asking to confirm bank details.

The offender often urges the victim to call and check with their bank, but doesn’t hang up so the victim speaks to them believing it to be the bank, in some cases passing on personal details.

Already six incidents have been reported to the police in the last 24 hours, with one victim waiting on the phone for an hour while the ‘bank representative’ sent out a courier to collect their bank card. Cash was then withdrawn from the account.

PCSO Davison, who has been gathering information from the victims had this to say “These fraudsters often target the old and vulnerable, pretending to be from an official organisation or from the bank itself. They want people to fall for their scam and offer their personal bank details to gain access to their money.

He added “We want people to be made aware that this is happening and to remember never to give out PIN numbers or personal information over the phone. Banks will not ask for this information, and unscrupulous criminals just want to take advantage however they can.”

Anyone with any information are urged to contact PC 3161 Vicki Wetton by calling 101 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.


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Upvc door hinge adjustment

One of the most common faults for a broken multipoint on a Upvc door is down to the door being misaligned, ignoring this fault will cause damage and eventually break the multipoint lock leaving you with a door that won’t open or won’t lock and a repair bill. So how do you know if your door is misaligned? Well your door should move freely from the open and shut position so any contact with the frame(even a slight rub) is a misalignment, when engaging the multipoint (lifting the handle to lock) should be effort less not a struggle to lift the last part or on some doors you can do a visual check on the mitre joints on the top of the door and the frame line up or you can use a level and angle guide to check they are still at 40 degrees.

So we’ve got a misaligned Upvc door what should we do? If your a keen DIY’er you can tackle the job yourself I’ve added a guide below or you can call a locksmith who will do it for a set fee. 


UPVC Hinge adjustment Guide.

If the door is catching the frame and/or you’re having difficulty operating the multipoint lock then by insert a Allen key into “B” and turn so that you can see the door move back and the distance at “D” decreases. 

If the door is hitting the tread of the door insert an Allen key into “D” and turn so the distance at “C” increases.You will see the door raise. Once raised to the desired position do not over tighten or force the hinge using the Allen key this can cause damage the hinge and end up meaning more repairs.

Upvc door adjustment guide 

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Nottingham’s Cockle Man

On many a Sunday as a kid playing chase the ace in the club with my grandad, on my first LEGAL pint round town and as recent as a night out with the good wife in the square The Cockle Man has served me up a treat of cockles with a dash of vinegar as I’ve enjoyed a few pale ales in Nottingham. He’s heard all the jokes “have you got crabs mate” but has still walked his way round Nottinghams pubs and bars with his basket of fresh seafood, white over coat and hat.

A local Nottingham media group followed him with camera as he went about his business and realised a short film to mark his service and give a insight into one of the most recognisable figures in Nottingham.

Watch The Cockle Man Film – http://youtu.be/_2hbTg_67ts


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Upvc door won’t open

You’ve gone to open your Upvc door and it just won’t budge, it’s locked shut. Not only is this a inconvenience but if your the wrong side of the door and don’t have access to another entrance your locked out!

Almost all Upvc Doors are made up of two locking parts, a Cylinder lock where you put the key into and turn and a multipoint lock that you engage by lifting the handle or on really old models repeated turns of the key.

Upvc door won't open - Upvc multipoint lock

Upvc door won’t open – Upvc multipoint lock


The most common case when a Upvc door won’t open is because the multipoint has failed, this can happen due to excessive pressure (normally if the door is misaligned extra pressure is used to lift the handle and engage the multipoint locks) or general wear and tear after years of use.

So to rule out a problem with the cylinder insert your key and turn to unlock, did it turn freely and sound like it unlocked? If yes the Cylinder in fine but the multipoint has broken and will need replacing.

Upvc door won't open - cylinder lock

Upvc door won’t open – cylinder lock


If the key won’t turn then there’s a chance that just the cylinder has failed and you will be able to remove the cylinder and replace with a new one, but more then likely when the key won’t turn it means the multipoint has failed and will need replacing.

The only problem with replacing cylinder locks and replacing multipoint locks when the Upvc door won’t open is getting the UPVC DOOR OPEN.

Now unless your a locksmith or a Upvc lock specialist I strongly advise you don’t attempt a DIY approach as this will in almost all cases result in damage to your door, I’ve attended many failed attempts of opening a Upvc door and not only can it end up more costly to put right but can also will leave the door with visible damage for its remaining life. You have been warned!

So what should you expect if you call a locksmith to open your Upvc Door?

A fully trained and certified locksmith like LS Locksmiths will be able to open the door quickly leaving no damage to the door, frame or parts, a quick check to see what’s parts have failed and new branded part/s fitted straight away so the door is fully functional and secured to insurance approved British Standards. Plus if you choose a certified locksmiths like LS Locksmiths the replacement parts will be covered with a 10yr guarantee giving you peace of mind.

Don’t be left out in the cold call LS Locksmiths for a No Obligation Quote on 0115 8320195

Upvc door lock - Upvc door multipoint lock

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