Upvc door hinge adjustment

One of the most common faults for a broken multipoint on a Upvc door is down to the door being misaligned, ignoring this fault will cause damage and eventually break the multipoint lock leaving you with a door that won’t open or won’t lock and a repair bill. So how do you know if your door is misaligned? Well your door should move freely from the open and shut position so any contact with the frame(even a slight rub) is a misalignment, when engaging the multipoint (lifting the handle to lock) should be effort less not a struggle to lift the last part or on some doors you can do a visual check on the mitre joints on the top of the door and the frame line up or you can use a level and angle guide to check they are still at 40 degrees.

So we’ve got a misaligned Upvc door what should we do? If your a keen DIY’er you can tackle the job yourself I’ve added a guide below or you can call a locksmith who will do it for a set fee. 


UPVC Hinge adjustment Guide.

If the door is catching the frame and/or you’re having difficulty operating the multipoint lock then by insert a Allen key into “B” and turn so that you can see the door move back and the distance at “D” decreases. 

If the door is hitting the tread of the door insert an Allen key into “D” and turn so the distance at “C” increases.You will see the door raise. Once raised to the desired position do not over tighten or force the hinge using the Allen key this can cause damage the hinge and end up meaning more repairs.

Upvc door adjustment guide