Top Ten tips on security when moving into a new property

Nottingham has a long and interesting history  from the Luddites and Robin Hood to the birth place of big industries for a city of its size your never to far away from rolling country side so it’s easy to see why so many people choose to buy property in Nottingham and set up home, and … Read moreTop Ten tips on security when moving into a new property

Ultron locks installed in Nottingham

I love the ultron there I’ve said it. When it comes to locks the Ultron is above and beyond anything else in the market the feature that the lock has like 11 security pins, anti drill pins and snap protection means that this lock will never be forcibly opened NEVER and would bet there are … Read moreUltron locks installed in Nottingham

why you should call a locksmith

  Youtube is a great resource, recently we’ve began to upload help videos that explain some of the techniques we use to fix lock problems or to offer advice on serious lock problems and to identify problems.  But more and more I see the general public “attempt” lock entry or door opening based on a … Read morewhy you should call a locksmith

do you have the correct home insurance?

Do you have the right cover to protect the contents of your home? Unexpected events like burglaries can cause huge expense, so it’s important to make sure you are covered before the unexpected happens… The different types of home insurance Home insurance can be broken down into two different forms of insurance: • Buildings insurance … Read moredo you have the correct home insurance?

Changing Locks on new Property

One of our most sought out services in to change locks, the single biggest reason is because the keys have been lost or are missing so for security reasons it’s best to change the lock. Another reason to change locks is for landlords or letting agents to change the locks after a tenant has vacated, … Read moreChanging Locks on new Property

Police advise vigilance after a spate of burglaries in Bullwell

Police are investigating a number of burglaries that have taken place in Bulwell in the space of a couple of days. Officers from the Bulwell Forest area are asking residents to be vigilant following the break-ins. The first burglary was in Bannerman Road on May 19th and saw a car, house keys and work bag … Read morePolice advise vigilance after a spate of burglaries in Bullwell