Recent Server Down Time

Our webhost server/s became unreliable giving us long periods of downtime which we would like to apologies for.

Our hosts have now switched servers and since the changes we’ve had a 100% uptime – in the past our hosts have been reliable but as you’ll be aware as a 24hr emergency service we need to be online for our customers 100% so we will using a cload service that maintains a copy of our most popular website pages chached in the cloud that will always be available. This will give us a 100% uptime of our most importance web pages so in the event of a emergency and you require our services you will be able to view our contact details.

As well as a always online web pages this cached version will increase our already fast site load speed and we have also added SSL to increase site security for our customers.

These changes are taking place as I write so will fully functional within 24hrs.


Update on website changes


I did promises new changes to the site with added information but with the server issue they were put on the back burner, once the site has migrated to the cload caching service I will begin work on the updates.