Protect your valuables with a marking system

Marking your property makes it less attractive to thieves. Traceable property may be more difficult for an offender to sell on, particularly items that have been visibly marked. Marking your property also increases the chances of you being reunited if it is stolen and later recovered.

Follow the advice in this section to help keep your valuables secure.

Remember to take photographs of your valuables

Photographs of your valuables can increase chances of the property being returned to you if it is stolen and recovered, also can be helpful if a insurance claim is needed.

Try to take photographs of:
– Any distinguishing marks and hallmarks.

– Size and dimensions.

– The front and back of object.

– Make, model, and serial numbe – if available.

Note down where you marked the item, how it was marked, and with what.
Also write descriptions of your valuables. example: the type of object, what is made of, measurements of it and any markings the it has.
Marking your valuables

The two most widely used types of property marking are visible and invisible.


This type of property marking can be seen by thieves and can therefore help deter. Popular visible options are Selectamark and Cremark.


This type of property marking cannot be seen by thieves, so it is best to display stickers and signage in windows and doors that property marking is in use. There are numerouse invisible options on the market such as SelectaDNA, Smartwater or Ultraviolet (UV) pens.

uv pen
UV Pen