Not Sure Don’t Open The Door

Not Sure? Don't Open The Door

A scam where the caller claims they are a police officer dealing with a prisoner in custody that has targeted residents in Nottingham and Notts.

Victims receive a phone call from a man who claims to be a police officer who is investigating a bank fraud, and asking to confirm bank details.

The offender often urges the victim to call and check with their bank, but doesn’t hang up so the victim speaks to them believing it to be the bank, in some cases passing on personal details.

Already six incidents have been reported to the police in the last 24 hours, with one victim waiting on the phone for an hour while the ‘bank representative’ sent out a courier to collect their bank card. Cash was then withdrawn from the account.

PCSO Davison, who has been gathering information from the victims had this to say “These fraudsters often target the old and vulnerable, pretending to be from an official organisation or from the bank itself. They want people to fall for their scam and offer their personal bank details to gain access to their money.

He added “We want people to be made aware that this is happening and to remember never to give out PIN numbers or personal information over the phone. Banks will not ask for this information, and unscrupulous criminals just want to take advantage however they can.”

Anyone with any information are urged to contact PC 3161 Vicki Wetton by calling 101 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.