Euro thumb turn bypass tool

I don’t get as much time as I used to to sit down at the bench and knock off a new tool or three but luckily I did grab a afternoon where I could do just that. A friend who works for Nottingham city home on there repairs team asked me if I could help him with gaining entry up till this point he was using destructive methods to both the lock and handles to gain entry this is not only time consuming but having to replace both the lock and handles is a expensive way I mean he didn’t care there not his parts but if city homes is charging £70 (yes they put the charge into the tenants rent at £1 per week) after the cost of parts and labour especially if it’s in the early hours it’s a service running at a loss.

So i has a look at the locks they were fitting so I could run a few ideas past him – all the flats had recently installed new composite doors and all were fitted with Euro thumb turns – a quick test to see if the cam could be mini updated and yes it could.

This type of lock can be bypass opened which would be great for him as with a little bit of practice with the correct tool and he would be opening doors in a matter of moments with out a drill in sight.

Ok so how does a bypass work? Well because of the design of this type of lock if you crest a tool with the right length and correct shaping you can bypass the pins in the lock and turn the cam unlocking the door – I won’t show the exact shape or it’s dimensions as that could cause a security risk – and if you did search on the internet for a similar tool it does not mean you will be able to open this lock – my homebrew tool is specific to this lock type and manufacture that’s why it’s so effective.

Bypass tool in action

The demo video is with the same tool but this time I used it in the same type of lock but in a Euro mortice cassette and not in a Nottingham city homes door – as you can see you can both lock and unlock with the tool and because I was recording I used it with only one hand.

So with a afternoon spare I set about making a few bypass tools for my city homes friend and for my collection.

It’s always fun to make a tool from scratch and when finished see just how effective it is this will undoubtably save not just time for all involved but also money just think if there’s a spare key inside the property there’s not even any need to change the lock so not just me but now my friend are saving precious time especially on those late night call outs we all love doing!