Top Ten tips on security when moving into a new property

Nottingham has a long and interesting history  from the Luddites and Robin Hood to the birth place of big industries for a city of its size your never to far away from rolling country side so it’s easy to see why so many people choose to buy property in Nottingham and set up home, and lets not forget all those students that move to Nottingham to attend our great universities.

As a locksmith working in Nottingham I am often called out by occupiers of a new property to assess their security so I’ve compiled my list of the top ten security issues to consider when moving house in Nottingham

1: Lock Replacement

When moving into a new property, We would strongly advise ALL locks should be replaced. Our Nottingham locksmiths can replace locks quickly and easily on all types of doors internal and external and provide peace of mind as you never really know just who may still have the keys to your property.

2:  Burglar Alarm Systems

Most new owners will inherit an alarm system and it’s codes.  We would always advise getting the code changed to your alarm immediately because just as with the keys to your property can you really be sure just who has had access to the alarm code in the past?  Our Nottingham locksmiths  can change codes to existing alarm systems or new installations if the property isn’t fitted with one. Nowadays alarm systems can range from protection a single room or entry point to every room and all entrances and exits – sensors can be fitted that take into account if pets are in the home so you can still set alarms while there at home.

3:  CCTV

If you move into a property with a CCTV system already installed, it may be worth discussing the effectiveness of the existing system with one of our experienced locksmiths in Nottingham Are the cameras installed in the best positions for example?  Would it be beneficial to install more cameras?  No CCTV installed? No problem we can install a system that meets your needs, even a system that is viewable and controlled via your smart phone from anywhere in the world.

4:  New Doors and Windows

If you are considering lock replacement for your windows and doors, it may also be worth considering whether your existing windows and doors are in need of replacing as well. New windows and doors will not only enhance your properties security but also its appearance and energy efficiency too.  Our competitively priced locksmiths in Nottingham would be happy to provide you with a free security survey in order for you to assess how secure your existing doors and windows are.  

5:  Home Contents Insurance

I would always advisable to check your home insurance to make sure that it still meets the requirements of you and your family in your new property. Extra security features will help to bring policy prices down so it is always advisable discussing your existing home security with your current insurance providers.  Also check for any stipulations in the policy such as the standard of locks that should be installed.  Our Nottinghsm locksmiths supply and install a range of British Standard and Insurance approved locks and would be happy to check if your locks are up to standard and if upgrades are required.

6:  Garages and Outbuildings: 

It can be easy just to focus on the new home but please remember that garages and outbuildings such as sheds and summer houses can also be a prime target for thieves.  our fully trained locksmiths can provide a free whole site survey to highlight any weak security areas in your property and out buildings and advise you on how to address any issues that we find.

7:  Speak to your neighbours

Your new neighbours will be a great source of knowledge about security and crime in the local area.  Have there been any recent burglaries or thefts?  How did the thieves access the properties? Perhaps there has been a spate of vehicle crime?  This local knowledge can help you to decide which areas of security will need addressing in your new home.  LS Locksmiths can advise you on how to tackle your security concerns and beat the burglar. 

8:  Safe Installation

Moving house may provide an opportunity for you to consider installing a safe.  Safes come in all different shapes and sizes and are very useful to store documents, deeds and family heirlooms. Remember a safe should always be fitted securely to a solid wall or floor 

9: Try to hide the move

Unfortunately unoccupied properties or properties that are preparing for a move can often be the target of thieves.  Try to leave curtains up until the last minute and make sure that boxes are not stacked in plain view of windows and doors.  I would suggest making security at the new property a priority. Not moving in straight away? Why not start the work in securing your property before you even move in talk to one of our team about how we can secure your property, it’s contents and loved ones.

10:  Enjoy your new home in Nottingham

Nottingham is a fantastic place to live!  Enjoy the open spaces (your never more then a few miles from the countryside) like Wollerton hall, And our numerous country parks. Also enjoy the countless things available to do in Nottingham such as watching our local football teams & cricket at the world famous Trent Bridge, vibrant night life in many pubs & clubs and don’t forget the shopping!   

We really hope you enjoy your new home in Nottingham.

Get security advice from the team you can trust
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Changing Upvc door handles

Had this sent to me today and couldn’t believe what I was seeing…

Hope it makes you giggle like I did.

But honestly there’s cutting cost and cutting costs but your door should not be the place to save money by stripping on security or offering none what so ever – Upvc door handles go for under £15.

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Door alignment in Nottingham

Today I had two Upvc alignments to do and both were equally some of the very worst. The first job had flag hinges so I was quickly able to access the alignment screw and re set the door only thing with this type of flag hinge is getting the cover back on and died with its screw…. a absolute nightmare!!!

The second job didn’t have flag hinges but it did have a small amount of correction but that had been used and the hinges were almost failed so it was better to remove the door and replace the hinges, a lot longer to do but the door is now hung correct and the mechanism working correctly.

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Ultron locks installed in Nottingham

I love the ultron there I’ve said it.

When it comes to locks the Ultron is above and beyond anything else in the market the feature that the lock has like 11 security pins, anti drill pins and snap protection means that this lock will never be forcibly opened NEVER and would bet there are plenty of people advertises as Locksmiths that will not be able to open the Ultron.

Do you really need a ultron fitted?
Well if your serious about your security then yes. It’s not to many years ago that alarm systems were only for commercial Propertys and the mega rich, today every home should have on fitted. And it’s the same with any high security lock soon these high security locks will be of standard .

Can I have a ultron fitted to my home?

If you have Upvc or a composite door and it uses a Euro type cylinder then you can change this lock for the much better Ultron lock.

We can supply and fit an ultron to one or all your external door – each lock comes with 3 keys as standard but additional keys are available.

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Call a locksmith early and save money down the line

So many times we get called out to jobs where either a keen DIY’er has been let loose or incompetent maintenance workers have tackled jobs only to botch a fix but every botch comes back so insted of botching it a few times till either your patience runs out or there seems like no way to fix then calling a locksmith save time and money and call us straight away.

Botch job 

Our locksmiths will never cut corners, we only ever provide top quality work that will solve your problem for good.


Call our locksmith Nottingham on 01158320195 

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why you should call a locksmith

Failed attempt to open lock

Failed attempt to open lock


Youtube is a great resource, recently we’ve began to upload help videos that explain some of the techniques we use to fix lock problems or to offer advice on serious lock problems and to identify problems. 

But more and more I see the general public “attempt” lock entry or door opening based on a 3min video… This often leads to damaged locks and in some cases damage to doors and frames.


We all like to save a bit of money via DIY but when you really need a qualified locksmith you should always make the call.


To book a qualified Nottingham locksmith call 0115 8320195 

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upgrade Upvc door locks

Modern Upvc door are actually pretty secure as they use a series of bolts or hooks to secure the door to its frame or second door in the case of patio/French doors – this locking system is called a multipoint locking mechanism and if correctly fitted with the correct amount of locking points will keep your property safe and burglars left out in the cold.

But what about the lock cylnder? How secure is this lock? Well in the case of most homes fitted with Upvc doors not very secure…

A huge amout of Upvc cylinder locks fitted to homes in Nottingham and across the UK are NOT Bristish Stardard approved (appoved locks will have a BS Kite Mark visible) this means no matter how good the multipoint lock you have fitted if you have a unsuitable cylinder lock fitted a burglar could use a bump or snap attack and be able to open your door in seconds…

A massive leap in Upvc lock security has took place in the last 5 or so years that has not only raised the level of security but has also seen prices drop so that Upvc door lock security is no longer the premise of the rich, even a home on a modest budget can secure their property to a very very high stardard and meet and exceed home insurance critera.

Contact LS Locksmiths for a free lock security assessment and get a no obligation quote that suits your individual needs and budget 0115 8320195 or 0115 9870084.

Upgrade Upvc door lock security

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Upvc door repair

As mottos go this one really counts when it comes to your Upvc door repairs… don’t put off what could be done today.

At a guess I’d say 1/5 homes fitted with a Upvc door or a multipoint lock have a little niggle with the way it works, maybe it catches as you close it or it’s really hard to lift the handle and makes locking it a mare.

Don’t put up with these niggles and get your Upvc door repaired.

Upvc door repair - Upvc door lock repairs

Most Upvc door repairs will just be a simple hindge adjustment but if the repair has been allowed to continue for to long irreversible damage is done to the multipoint lock it’s self and it will need to replaced. 

If a Upvc door repair is ignored it can and will result in total multipoint failure and the door will be locked in the closed postion – it’s rare to fail in the open postion but there is a chance – and will render that door inoperable. Not only is this a hassle like when the postman knocks at the front door with a parcel to be signed for or letting tiddles the cat out the rear door to go in the garden it also means in the event of a fire that exit is no longer available.

LS Locksmiths provide Upvc door repairs in Nottingham and across Nottinghamshire call for a no obligation quote 01158320195 


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Lock Snapping Nottingham

You may have heard talk about it, or even watched it being featured on TV (both ITV and BBC have run pieces on it) but what really is Lock Snapping and how does it affect you

Lock Snapping targets a weakness in a very popular type of lock, The Euro cylnder lock. This type of lock is fitted to almost every Upvc door, alumium door, composite door and most new build apartments in the UK.

Burglars are opting to attack homes using lock snapping as its a very quick (a door can be opened in less then 30secs) and relatively quiet way to gain entry to homes that are empty or occupied.

We won’t go into detail on how to snap a lock as after a recent report on a tv program there was a sharp increase in the number of lock snapping incidents as a result of what they had gleaned from the show… 


Lock Snapping Nottinghamshire


So how can you prevent falling foul of lock snapping?

1. Have the correct size lock fitted to suit your door – an oversized lock will make the job easier.

2. High security handles – new handles fitted have much higher security features that will make a snap attack greatly harder and burglars don’t do hard work.

3. anti snap locks fitted – there are plenty of models on the market some good some bad so it’s best to talk to a professional locksmith who can best advise you based on your individual needs and budget.

Lock Snapping Nottingham

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do you have the correct home insurance?

Do you have the right cover to protect the contents of your home?

Unexpected events like burglaries can cause huge expense, so it’s important to make sure you are covered before the unexpected happens…
The different types of home insurance

Home insurance can be broken down into two different forms of insurance:
• Buildings insurance – this refers to cover for what is known as ‘permanent fixtures’ in the home
• Contents insurance – this is cover for the things you have in the home, like TVs, computers, furniture etc…

Both of these types of home insurance policies can be bought separately, or as a joint home insurance policy.
Contents insurance is most important when it comes to making sure your belongings are protected against a burglary.

What is covered by contents insurance?

In general terms, everything within your house which actually makes it a ‘home’ is usually covered by contents insurance. This includes all:
• Electrical goods
• Jewellery
• Furniture
• Clothing

There are different levels of cover available depending on your policy, but normally any contents insurance policy will cover the items in your home against theft as well as against fire and flood damage.

Some contents insurance providers also offer to cover the possessions when you take them out of the home. This is known as ‘personal possessions cover’ and means that ‘household’ items like tablets, laptops, digital cameras, jewellery etc… will also be covered when you’re out and about.
What is not covered by contents insurance?

Typically, contents insurance will not cover the ‘structure’ of your home – so any wear and tear or damage to walls and ceilings won’t be covered.

Most contents insurance policies also have limits related to the value of your items – so it is critical you make sure you have the right cover for your possessions to make sure you are not left out of pocket in the unfortunate event of a burglary.

A common value for a single item is £1,500 – so if you have more expensive items in your home, like jewellery or art, then it is advisable to look into extending your cover to make sure these are protected fully.

Home insurance

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