Ultron locks installed in Nottingham

I love the ultron there I’ve said it.

When it comes to locks the Ultron is above and beyond anything else in the market the feature that the lock has like 11 security pins, anti drill pins and snap protection means that this lock will never be forcibly opened NEVER and would bet there are plenty of people advertises as Locksmiths that will not be able to open the Ultron.

Do you really need a ultron fitted?
Well if your serious about your security then yes. It’s not to many years ago that alarm systems were only for commercial Propertys and the mega rich, today every home should have on fitted. And it’s the same with any high security lock soon these high security locks will be of standard .

Can I have a ultron fitted to my home?

If you have Upvc or a composite door and it uses a Euro type cylinder then you can change this lock for the much better Ultron lock.

We can supply and fit an ultron to one or all your external door – each lock comes with 3 keys as standard but additional keys are available.

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Lock changes on commercial unit in Nottingham

Had the pleasure of changing locks on a commercial unit today on the castle park Nottingham.
It previous life was a distribution centre but with only keys to two external doors it was a long job. First off one external door had no keys so we had to gain entry and replace, a total of 12 internal door and 4 of which had to have recoded digi locks and finally 8 shutter locks.

I’m not sure who’s going in here next but will need a freshen up

But has plenty of storage…

Well at least the next owners/occupiers will have some great locks anyway.

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St Patrick’s day in Nottingham

As I had a job in the lace market – a new BS mortice lock fitted to an apartment – I thought I’d wander into the square to see the annual Irish celebration and there’s a lot of green on show! The weathers not great but there is a large amount of people “not” working today and enjoying a pint or seven of the black stuff. I’m told the annual parade again only started from thurland street and marched into the square the same as last year due to funding which is quite sad really as I do remember there used to be numerous floats (scaffold vans with a banner round it) not to long ago.

Well I enjoyed a quick pint and and bumped into a few friends but unlike this lucky lot I’ve got work to do.

Happy St Patrick’s day.

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Blog posts on the go

We have just updated the website and are really pleased with the new style and layout which has got us thinking about how we have been neglecting the blog for quite some time so we shall no be updating a lot more frequently and also on the go so you get more onsite into the work we provide. Hopefully you will enjoy the updates as much as we will enjoy making the posts.

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Lock Snapping Nottingham

You may have heard talk about it, or even watched it being featured on TV (both ITV and BBC have run pieces on it) but what really is Lock Snapping and how does it affect you

Lock Snapping targets a weakness in a very popular type of lock, The Euro cylnder lock. This type of lock is fitted to almost every Upvc door, alumium door, composite door and most new build apartments in the UK.

Burglars are opting to attack homes using lock snapping as its a very quick (a door can be opened in less then 30secs) and relatively quiet way to gain entry to homes that are empty or occupied.

We won’t go into detail on how to snap a lock as after a recent report on a tv program there was a sharp increase in the number of lock snapping incidents as a result of what they had gleaned from the show… 


Lock Snapping Nottinghamshire


So how can you prevent falling foul of lock snapping?

1. Have the correct size lock fitted to suit your door – an oversized lock will make the job easier.

2. High security handles – new handles fitted have much higher security features that will make a snap attack greatly harder and burglars don’t do hard work.

3. anti snap locks fitted – there are plenty of models on the market some good some bad so it’s best to talk to a professional locksmith who can best advise you based on your individual needs and budget.

Lock Snapping Nottingham

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do you have the correct home insurance?

Do you have the right cover to protect the contents of your home?

Unexpected events like burglaries can cause huge expense, so it’s important to make sure you are covered before the unexpected happens…
The different types of home insurance

Home insurance can be broken down into two different forms of insurance:
• Buildings insurance – this refers to cover for what is known as ‘permanent fixtures’ in the home
• Contents insurance – this is cover for the things you have in the home, like TVs, computers, furniture etc…

Both of these types of home insurance policies can be bought separately, or as a joint home insurance policy.
Contents insurance is most important when it comes to making sure your belongings are protected against a burglary.

What is covered by contents insurance?

In general terms, everything within your house which actually makes it a ‘home’ is usually covered by contents insurance. This includes all:
• Electrical goods
• Jewellery
• Furniture
• Clothing

There are different levels of cover available depending on your policy, but normally any contents insurance policy will cover the items in your home against theft as well as against fire and flood damage.

Some contents insurance providers also offer to cover the possessions when you take them out of the home. This is known as ‘personal possessions cover’ and means that ‘household’ items like tablets, laptops, digital cameras, jewellery etc… will also be covered when you’re out and about.
What is not covered by contents insurance?

Typically, contents insurance will not cover the ‘structure’ of your home – so any wear and tear or damage to walls and ceilings won’t be covered.

Most contents insurance policies also have limits related to the value of your items – so it is critical you make sure you have the right cover for your possessions to make sure you are not left out of pocket in the unfortunate event of a burglary.

A common value for a single item is £1,500 – so if you have more expensive items in your home, like jewellery or art, then it is advisable to look into extending your cover to make sure these are protected fully.

Home insurance

Original post can be found here

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NCT Poppy Bus

Nottingham City Transport has launched its ‘Poppy Bus’ to commemorate Remembrance Day and for  the WWI Centenary year it will also feature a very tribute to its employees.

“On the back of our Poppy Bus we’ve listed the names of all 224 NCT employees who lost their lives during World War One,” NCT Marketing Manager, Anthony Carver-Smith explains “Over the years Nottingham City Transport has had hundreds of employees who have served personally or have had family members in the armed forces, and so it felt hugely important for us to pay our respects to them.”

NCT created the Poppy Bus last year to launch 2013’s Poppy Appeal for both Nottinghamshire County and Nottingham City. Like last year, this stunning double-decker will travel in and around the city, operating on routes across the NCT network until the end of November. Featuring 100 poppies as part of its livery (to mark 100 years since WWI), its aim is to act as a moving reminder of all those who served, or are still in the Armed Forces and encourage people to donate to this year’s Poppy Appeal.

NCT Poppy Bus

224 names on the rear of the bus represent former employees who lost their lives during WWI. The Nottingham City Transport War Memorial can be found in the Galleries of Justice Museum.

The Company will also be donating £2,500 to the Royal British Legion.

Plus free travel will be offered to all members of the Armed Forces and Veterans on Remembrance Sunday, and drivers and staff will observe the 2 minutes silence at 11am.

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Recent Server Down Time

Our webhost server/s became unreliable giving us long periods of downtime which we would like to apologies for.

Our hosts have now switched servers and since the changes we’ve had a 100% uptime – in the past our hosts have been reliable but as you’ll be aware as a 24hr emergency service we need to be online for our customers 100% so we will using a cload service that maintains a copy of our most popular website pages chached in the cloud that will always be available. This will give us a 100% uptime of our most importance web pages so in the event of a emergency and you require our services you will be able to view our contact details.

As well as a always online web pages this cached version will increase our already fast site load speed and we have also added SSL to increase site security for our customers.

These changes are taking place as I write so will fully functional within 24hrs.


Update on website changes


I did promises new changes to the site with added information but with the server issue they were put on the back burner, once the site has migrated to the cload caching service I will begin work on the updates.


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National Home Security Month

As days grow shorter and in readiness of the clocks going back October has statistically seen a increase in burglaries and property related thefts so its of the upmost to join in with National Home Security Month.

1/2 of the battle is knowing what criminals look out for to take advantage of. It can be as simple as an opportunist seeing a window that’s been left ajar, or valuables being left out in sight.


Preventing Crime - Home Security

Most burglaries are attempted under the cover of darkness, so it’s of the upmost importance that you don’t make yourself vulnerable – burglars look for the easy targets.

So what can you do to prevent your property from burglars?

It really is as simple as locking your doors and windows at all times, no matter how quiet your area/street/road is.

Alarms are the main deterrent for preventing burglaries, and the stats back it up. Almost 85% of burglars will avoid homes with alarms fitted.

Even having a dummy alarm in a visible place could prevent your home from being the target of burglars.


For more avice or to talk to a professional locksmith about upgrading your security needs call 0115 9870084 

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updates to website to include new services

It’s been a very busy month especially over the bank holiday so as the month closes in we look forward to September and what it holds.

A few critical changes will be happening in the very near future, our partnership with a few local businesses will mean a expansion of services we will be able to offer plus we have hired two new dedicated team members to cover CCTV installations and alarm installations.

All services will be added to the website in the next few weeks so keep your eyes open 🙂

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