Ultron locks installed in Nottingham

I love the ultron there I’ve said it.

When it comes to locks the Ultron is above and beyond anything else in the market the feature that the lock has like 11 security pins, anti drill pins and snap protection means that this lock will never be forcibly opened NEVER and would bet there are plenty of people advertises as Locksmiths that will not be able to open the Ultron.

Do you really need a ultron fitted?
Well if your serious about your security then yes. It’s not to many years ago that alarm systems were only for commercial Propertys and the mega rich, today every home should have on fitted. And it’s the same with any high security lock soon these high security locks will be of standard .

Can I have a ultron fitted to my home?

If you have Upvc or a composite door and it uses a Euro type cylinder then you can change this lock for the much better Ultron lock.

We can supply and fit an ultron to one or all your external door – each lock comes with 3 keys as standard but additional keys are available.

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Lock changes on commercial unit in Nottingham

Had the pleasure of changing locks on a commercial unit today on the castle park Nottingham.
It previous life was a distribution centre but with only keys to two external doors it was a long job. First off one external door had no keys so we had to gain entry and replace, a total of 12 internal door and 4 of which had to have recoded digi locks and finally 8 shutter locks.

I’m not sure who’s going in here next but will need a freshen up

But has plenty of storage…

Well at least the next owners/occupiers will have some great locks anyway.

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Old style GU multipoint – Upvc multipoint opened and replaced in Nottingham

Had a crazy busy day today, in between different lock changes and a new install I had to do a failed multipoint. A old style gu unit had cracked its cam and was as almost always in the locked position. The key was still able to throw the bolt so with a little bit of breathing room I was able to slide a roller and spring the bolt.

The strip was in good order I did try to get the landlord to upgrade to a better locking mech but he wasn’t willing, profit over security I guess so I serviced the strip and replaced the gearbox.

The top hinge was broken so replaced that and corrected the alignment and also changed the handles the old brass ones fitted had no washers and the handles were barely hanging on.

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Lock change in Sneinton Nottingham

Got a call at 9am for a emergency lock out, yes we do work Sundays. Poor lass had lost her key and needed to get back in with no spare key inside the property it would be an open up and lock change.

It was a old iseo euro cylinder that had seen better days and was heavily weathered but a little squirt of WD and a steady hand it was single pinned picked in under 5mins spool pins at 1 and 4.

Replaced with a Yale 6pin and was on my way.

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Nottingham HMO internal door locks

Working on Saturday is never fun but it has to be done, today we had a HMO with 5 individual rooms all needing locks fitted. Not the hardest of jobs but with a dead line of a 1pm kick off Forest vs Direby I had to pull me old finger out.

Landlord opted for traditional rim latch locks personally I prefer thumb turn mortice locks as you don’t get accidental lock outs which is better for the landlord and tenant plus they are much more secure.

Averaged a lock ever 20mins so with loading and unloading and tidy up was a total just over 2hrs not to shabby.

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St Patrick’s day in Nottingham

As I had a job in the lace market – a new BS mortice lock fitted to an apartment – I thought I’d wander into the square to see the annual Irish celebration and there’s a lot of green on show! The weathers not great but there is a large amount of people “not” working today and enjoying a pint or seven of the black stuff. I’m told the annual parade again only started from thurland street and marched into the square the same as last year due to funding which is quite sad really as I do remember there used to be numerous floats (scaffold vans with a banner round it) not to long ago.

Well I enjoyed a quick pint and and bumped into a few friends but unlike this lucky lot I’ve got work to do.

Happy St Patrick’s day.

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Blog posts on the go

We have just updated the website and are really pleased with the new style and layout which has got us thinking about how we have been neglecting the blog for quite some time so we shall no be updating a lot more frequently and also on the go so you get more onsite into the work we provide. Hopefully you will enjoy the updates as much as we will enjoy making the posts.

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Recent break in – Be alert

A recent spate of break in’s in Nottingham and its surrounding suburbs means more then ever we should all be more concerned with output home security and the protection of our property. Maybe the mild weather has lead to more Windows being left open or th chance to hang some washing on the line has lead to more openings for burglars. Please make sure all windows and doors are secured esoecslky when no one is at home – no one won’t to come home to find you have a break in.

Security - Nottingham locksmith

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